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Q1. What is VU Online Bookshop and what can I do here?
The VU Online Book Shop is an online CDs/Handouts store. Like most e-stores, you can browse and search the product catalog, choose items to add to your shopping cart, amend your shopping cart, and order the items in the shopping cart. You can perform many of these actions without registering with or signing in into the application. However, before you can order items you must sign in to the application. In order to sign in, you must have an account with the application, which is created when you register (sign up) with the application.
Q2. How can I register at VU Online Bookshop?
To register, click the "New User" button on the top banner. Next, click the "Sign Up" button. Among other information, the sign up page requires you to provide a User Name and password. This information is used to identify your account and must be provided when signing in.
Q3. How can I sign in at VU Online Bookshop?
You sign in to the application by clicking the "Sign In" button on the top menu, enter your User Name and password, and clicking the "sign in" button. You will also be redirected to the sign in page when you try to place an order and you have not already signed in.
Q4. How Can I place an order?
The CDs/Handouts Store catalog is organized hierarchically as follows: categories, products and items. At VU Bookshop home page click on a category name provided on the left and shopping page will be open.

You will find list of all available products categorized by category name. Selected category’s items will be expanded. You can browse through different categories and select items. Clicking on the checkbox available in front of product name will add that item to cart shown on right side. Total amount of products will be updated dynamically.

You can update quantity of product in cart and also can remove a product from cart by clicking remove button in front of product name in cart. After selecting required products click on “check out” to move out from shopping area. Enter your shipping address there and click continue button.

order details are displayed. Reviewing your order, you will click on submit order. Order will be submitted and your order number will be displayed.

Please take care of that number as it will be the future reference for your order.

After submitting, take a print of your order challan and pay in nearest branch of Habib Bank Limited. As we get confirmation of payment from bank, your order will be delivered. (An inland delivery usually takes three to seven working days.)
Q5. When I reach at shipping address page, values already are filled in. Why?
Just to preserve you from re-work of entering similar address again and again, VU Online Bookshop intelligently looks for last order placed by you earlier and retrieves values from there. You can change values and continue for order processing.
Q6. How can I pay for my order?
Payment for an online order can be made in the following two ways:

i) Paying by Cash
Pay the amount as per printed voucher of your order in the nearest branch of Habib Bank Limited. and get all copies of your voucher stamped. Confirm us your payment and your order will be delivered.

i) Paying by Bank Draft/Pay Order
Obtain a Bank Draft/Pay Order from your local bank in favour of Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore , for the amount printed on your voucher and send it by post to:

Virtual University of Pakistan
M.A. Jinnah Campus
Defence Road off Raiwind Road ,
Lahore .
Q7. How can I track my orders?
After signing in click on Track Orders button provided in top menu. There you will see list of all of your submitted orders and their status. You will find two buttons in front of each order number as well.

Clicking print order you can print your order challan. Clicking show details you will find comprehensive details of your order with selected items, submitted details and status.

You can confirm your payment status as well. Click on “show” button in front of “Confirm Your Payment Status”. Enter payment details and click on update button. As you confirm your payment status we deliver your order in our earliest.
Q8. How can I confirm payment status?
See answer of Q7.
Q9. Why my order status is “partial processed”?
For best convenience of our customers, if some of ordered products not available in stock we immediately deliver available items and set status as “partial processed”. As products get available we deliver remaining products at the moment.
Q10. Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We can ship your order to most worldwide destinations.
Q11. How much is shipping going to be?
We strive to keep our regular and international shipping costs as low as they can be. With that in mind, you won't see any "handling" charges added on to our shipping rates. The rates that are given in our shopping cart reflect the exact pricing. Shipping charges are charged based on your distance from our Head Office situated at Raiwind Road Lahore .